Serious comedy is my tagline for a reason.

Looking for a comedy specialist? I’m serious about comedy but I’m also serious about making audiences and readers truly feel something. Whether you’re looking for editing services or original blog content, if it’s humour you want, I can help you.


My editing services are suitable for: novels, short stories, theatre and film scripts, radio plays, speeches, YouTube scripts, and standup routines.

VintageComedy1 - Services/Rates

Manuscript critique.

A manuscript critique suitable for novels and scripts.
COST: $6 per 1,000 words.


VintageComedy2.jpg?zoom=0 - Services/Rates

Developmental editing.

The big picture, adjusting characterisation, and plot for example.
COST: $10 per 1,000 words.


VintageComedy4 - Services/Rates

Line editing.

The finer details, fixing word choice, sentence structure, and flow.
COST: Rates vary.



Content writing

Looking for online content for your blog or website? My areas of expertise are: comedy, satire, theatre, acting, novel writing, productivity for creatives, the artistic process, YouTube, trending and classic television, film, literature, poetry, anything to do with Europe/Prague (where I lived for several years), Melbourne (my hometown), history, and philosophy.

VintageComedy5 - Services/Rates

Original content.

I offer freelance writing services for print and digital publication.

Please get in touch for a quote!